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Urban Brew Co


Urban Brew Co is a relative new australian brand which sells compostable coffee pods/capsules. The brand suffered a platform transition a while back and their visibility suffered during transition

Urban Brew Co approached us for some technical SEO work as their website had dropped in SERP and didn’t had a clear reason for this. And as we know, a Magento platform isnt the most friendly from performance and SEO perspective.

At KIND M3DIA, we love a challenge and our first proposed step was to carry out a technical SEO audit and a backlink profiling to understand what the issue was.

As a result, we’ve identify a couple of major technical issues, such as misuse of canonical tags and loop redirects for some of the shop pages. Also, their website had been linked to numerous spammy forums and website, which was a result of a malicious link building practice. 

After remedial actions, we start seeing the a upward recovery trend in site visibility (green line shows when we started the project collaboration; in less than 4 months the visibility recovered to a similar level before the issue )

Every time, anytime, we are more than happy to offer our advice and knowledge in helping “fresh” businesses. And definitely, we love a challenge no matter what the niche or market is.


“I met Andy a couple of years ago when he was still working for a well-known UK agency, and I collaborated with them on a different brand. It was on my mind when we started having issues, so I reached out to the agency MD.

She mentioned that she had retired from the industry but told me that Andy was still doing some freelance work for KM and pointed me in his direction. Great collaboration and definitely a good contact to have in your book. Big thumbs up.”

Toby, Urban Crew Co

Services & Results

Some of results obtained throughout our partnership:

  • In less than 4 weeks, brand visibility recovered to a similar level before the issue was flagged.
  • Indexation and crawling issues have been halved 
  • As a result of link profiling and disavow list submission, the visibility increased 200% on period after compared to before remedial works project.

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“Massive thank you to Diana and Kind M3dia team which made our Instagram profile to pop-out. A proper brand is now in place."

"They have been incredibly helpful and brought a new vision to our business digital strategy. Highly recommend it..."

“Without a doubt, the Kind M3dia are the best team I've worked with in the Hampshire. They did amazing work, and they did it with a smile!”

“This was the best choice I had during the moving process of our business to Portsmouth area. They worth it! Book in advance!”

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