Diana Studio

Case Study


Diana Studio - Family & Newborn Photography

Gosport, Hampshire

Diana Studio is a local family photography studio established at the beginning of 2023 and is based in Gosport, Hampshire.

The mind behind this amazing small business, is Diana. She is a perfectionist and her photography style is to reproduce the raw emotions of each family. She loves travelling, capturing new moments, in new places, in the most authentic and heartfelt ways.

Diana Studio owner was seeking a simple, but powerful design for her business and website. We’ve come up with 4 different inspiration templates to choose from. Also, we’ve guide it her through the branding exercise and she was happy with the colour scheme, tone of voice and logo.

At KIND M3DIA, we empower small businesses and their owners.  Thus, we’ve offered our full range of services  and capabilities which included a whole affordable package required for a brand new start-up.

We’ve offered a “ready to go” setup for Diana to take on. This way, she was able to concentrate on her business and clients being sure that she has a platform where potential clients can learn more about herself and her services. 

Every time, anytime, we are more than happy to offer our advice and knowledge in helping local businesses. Either is to resolve any future problems she may encounter down the line or is just a simple trick and tip for a social media platform, we are here to help you. Helping you, we are helping us.

Diana is looking forward to our catchup, pencilled in the next couple of months as she was determined to invest in her marketing efforts.


” I’ve search a local, friendly marketing agency which could offer me a ready to go solution for my brand new family photoshoot idea. Immediately, I’ve realised that we were all on the same page when came to what I’ve wanted and what I’ve expected to get out of the entire process. I’m very proud of my new website and branding. Now, I can focus on my clients and wouldn’t worry about having a way to show my work.”

Diana, Diana Studio

Services & Results

Some of results obtained throughout our partnership:

  • In four weeks turnaround, we were able to establish a new brand identity and a mean to be contacted and to sell her photography services.
  • Being a start-up, was really important for Diana to have a well established platform to take over payments and to showcase her work and services. 
  • The ready-to-go solution same her a massive headache and she was able to start immediately without thinking what else she needs to do, or how she is going to capture her income when a customers wants to pay for a session deposit.

Reviews From Our
Satisfied Clients

“Massive thank you to Diana and Kind M3dia team which made our Instagram profile to pop-out. A proper brand is now in place."

"They have been incredibly helpful and brought a new vision to our business digital strategy. Highly recommend it..."

“Without a doubt, the Kind M3dia are the best team I've worked with in the Hampshire. They did amazing work, and they did it with a smile!”

“This was the best choice I had during the moving process of our business to Portsmouth area. They worth it! Book in advance!”

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