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Trusted Surveyors
Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and London

TRUSTED SURVEYORS.ORG.UK is an independent surveying business which when was established covered just Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Dorset and London. However, their client base is getting bigger everyday and their aim is to cover the entire England and Wales. supplies building surveys, homebuyers reports and other specialist survey across Portsmouth, Winchester, Brighton, Reading, Bournemouth and the area between. The company ethos is to deliver high quality,  easy to understand at an affordable price building inspection services for homeowners, firs-time buyers or landlords.

The company offer is focused on the well known services, such as Level 3 Survey (Building Survey) and Level 2 Survey (known as Homebuyer Report). Their rebranding occurred just at the beginning of 2021, but the company roots were established in 2019.

The Trusted Surveyors owners were seeking an WordPress built website that allowed them to display all their product ranges and to reach a broader audience than local one. Their choice of CMS was due to being one of the most intuitive and easy to use CMS out there. More than 35% of worldwide websites are using WordPress.

The new website would improve customer navigation, offer clear and relevant information about their offered services and most importantly to have a clear action on each page improving their conversions.

When the new website went live, our technical SEO team performed a full SEO transfer to ensure the old website’s SEO data was not lost. 

In addition, during this transfer period, we closely monitored the rankings to make sure we retained complete control of the migration. We were able to respond to any alternations in the ranking positions instantly.

We also removed several low quality pages (thin and cannibalised content) and these were redirected to suitable alternative pages.

Throughout 2021 spring and beyond, Trusted Surveyors experienced continued growth in conversation, lead value and traffic to its website thanks to our paid Ad campaigns. We introduced new campaigns to focus on brand awareness, updated remarketing banners and increased budgets.


” KIND M3DIA have done a fantastic job of developing our new website. We had a set of quite complex business requirements here at Trusted Surveyors that needed a bit of ‘hand-holding’ from Andrei and Alex. Their advice, technical expertise and relaxed ‘can do’ attitude is really refreshing. We are really chuffed with the result and can’t recommend them highly enough. Thanks, guys .”

Paul, Trusted Surveyors

Services & Results

Some of results obtained throughout our partnership:

  • By updating both functional capacity as well as the website visuals, adding clear call to actions of across the website, the user experience improved along with the conversion rate  (+32% compared to previous site).
  • The number of rankings were recovered after the site migration.
  • Implemented successful, the brand awareness paid campaign brought in more than 50 contact form submissions, 85 phone calls and a conversion increase by 45% in first 60 days of the campaign.

Reviews From Our
Satisfied Clients

“Massive thank you to Diana and Kind M3dia team which made our Instagram profile to pop-out. A proper brand is now in place."

"They have been incredibly helpful and brought a new vision to our business digital strategy. Highly recommend it..."

“Without a doubt, the Kind M3dia are the best team I've worked with in the Hampshire. They did amazing work, and they did it with a smile!”

“This was the best choice I had during the moving process of our business to Portsmouth area. They worth it! Book in advance!”

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